Ask anybody with diabetes: managing this chronic condition can be time consuming, exhausting, cumbersome, and puts a lot of responsibility on people with diabetes. Above all, if managed inadequately diabetes can be a risk for people's health.

This is why Roche teamed up with mySugr®, a digital health company made by people with diabetes for people with diabetes. When the start-up joined the Roche family in 2017, it marked the beginning of a collaboration between two unequal yet highly complementary partners sharing a common goal. They set out to improve the status quo and simplify life for people with diabetes.

With mySugr, Roche gained access to a successful digital platform, and in return, mySugr got a strong partner with a global market presence for future endeavors. With more than three million registered users in over 80 countries, the mySugr app is one of the most popular diabetes management apps in the world. In combination with the diabetes care open ecosystem from Roche, the mySugr app makes it easy to collect relevant therapy data in one place. The convenient tool stores important diabetes data from a growing number of connected devices (e.g. Accu-Chek Guide glucose meters, NovoNordisk smart insulin pens), integrations (e.g. Apple Health), and manual entries, providing data-driven decision support for people with diabetes and their healthcare providers.

When the door opened for partnerships, the Vienna-based enterprise chose Roche - not only because of its power to commercialize their product, but also because the two companies’ visions and values aligned exceptionally well. “It was, and still is, a perfect match. The vision of Roche Diabetes Care is to bring true relief to people with diabetes and mySugr does everything to make diabetes suck less, as their tagline says. Using different words, we are on the same mission”, says Jörg Hölzing, Head of Strategy and Customer Solutions and Managing Director at mySugr. He adds: “mySugr is an integral part and the primary patient interface of Roche Diabetes Care’s open ecosystem. The synergy between the two companies is a foundation to reach and help even more people with diabetes.”

Michael Forisch, co-founder and Chief Compliance Office at mySugr, agrees. “Our innovative and patient-centric solution can be aligned purposefully with Roche’s more than four decades of market experience. Mutual trust and the combination of expertise and resources, allow both parties to move forward together and make tremendous progress for people with diabetes.” Michael continues: “We learn from each other every day - and with the same goal in mind, we take on every challenge with power and are committed to continue our successful journey.”

Roche and mySugr complement each other’s strengths. With the integration of more innovative products in a holistic therapeutic solution the two partners continue rethinking healthcare. Together, they provide a more comprehensive care offering and digitalisation approach. And what matters most: The joint efforts help to improve people’s quality of life.

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