Roche shares clinical data because we understand it helps physicians, patients and healthcare providers to make informed treatment decisions. Data Sharing can also enable researchers to more easily build on our research and the research of others, in the hope of advancing scientific progress.

In past years we have taken steps to advance how we share our clinical research, both within the scientific community and the broader public. Today we seek to share our data in four important ways:

  • We publish information from our protocols and clinical study results on clinical trial registries

  • We disclose clinical study documentation

  • We publish in peer-reviewed journals and share data in scientific meetings

  • We provide qualified researchers access to individual patient data

We feel we are making progress but acknowledge that our work is far from complete. We are committed to working with industry partners and others in the scientific community to make clinical data sharing via the most appropriate channels optimal for all health care professionals.

Learn more about Roche’s approach to data sharing by reading the company’s

Information on Roche’s clinical studies can be found on and EUdraCT. Alternatively, if you would like to request access to a clinical study document you can do so by completing this.

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