Improving awareness, testing and treatment of breast cancer in China through ‘Run for Her’ Programme.

In China, affordability is a key factor for patients to receive HER2 BC treatment. HER2 breast cancer treatment rate in Herceptin reimbursed cities is twice higher than cities that have not got any reimbursement. Meanwhile, only 18.6% of Chinese women are highly aware of breast cancer. Nearly 40% women believe that breast cancer is incurable and 23.7% never heard of breast cancer treatments besides surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Less than 10% women between the age of 35-55 have received standard breast examination.

Partnering with the China Cancer Rehabilitation Society,  we held a ‘Run for Her’ breast cancer public awareness campaign to raise public awareness of breast cancer, especially around the importance and value of pre-screening. Following the kick-off ceremony on the Great Wall of China, a series of activities were held in 48 cities across China involving over 50,000 participants, including cancer survivors, physicians, volunteers as well as media representatives.

We also initiated a round of social media campaigns around the theme ‘Touch for good’. The video took on a practice that is frowned up on China, namely that of touching the breasts of statues.  We utilised this act to show that touching breasts for the sake of screening for the presence of cancer has a beneficial impact on women.

In May 2016 we launched a awareness campaign called ‘Run for Her’. This Breast Cancer Public Awareness Project has generated more than 400 media reports and reached an audience of over 297 million readers. The campaign delivered successfully key messages around the fact that women should receive screening for breast cancer on a regular basis, and that early diagnosis and standardised treatment can in turn improve both the disease outcome and quality of life.

Meanwhile, we have been actively working together with different stakeholders (local governments, charity foundations, NGOs, insurance companies) to address unmet patient needs through reimbursement listings, patient access programmes and private insurance offerings. Through our efforts and support of the government and other key stakeholders, Herceptin is included in the reimbursement list of 60 areas that have a combined population of 420 million people.

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