Philanthropy is our commitment to communities in which we operate and broader society. We focus our resources on a limited number of key projects that can deliver valuable benefits from our contributions and those of our partners. We give priority to innovative, high-quality projects that meet the following criteria:

  • promote sustainable development

  • offer an opportunity for Roche to use its expertise and logistics capabilities

  • involve Roche actively at an early stage with local authorities and established partners

  • engage Roche employees in cultural (focus on contemporary arts), educational and social activities

  • managed by an accredited charity

  • Roche does not support projects with a connection to religious, political, commercial or image-building purposes.

  • Roche restricts product donations to assisting emergency disaster relief efforts and only upon request from local partners or international aid organisations.

  • Roche does not fund professional or semi-professional sporting events or mainstream cultural events.

  • Only in exceptional cases does Roche participate in charity fund-raising events. Even then, Roche provides direct support rather than collect funds on behalf of third parties.

  • Roche does not support projects intended to replace or compete with government programmes.

  • Roche does not respond to mass mailings, unsigned requests or those broadcasted throughout the corporation.

  • Roche only makes political donations in exceptional cases, and only to political organizations. Political donations are made in line with prevailing legal and ethical standards.

  • Roche clearly separates commercial from non-commercial projects. Commercial projects are the responsibility of Roche’s operating divisions, with related costs reported as marketing expenses.

For more information about our approach to philanthropy, about projects we support, our selection criteria, and restrictions, please review our

Requests for support of a project that operates within one country should be directed to local management. Roche affiliate offices manage local donation and sponsorship activities within a common framework and Roche’s global policy. Affiliate giving is thereby restricted to supporting local organisations and programmes that are based in and operate their programmes in the same country as the affiliate.

Requests for support of programmes in Basel may be submitted.

Please consult our Group directory for the nearest.

All international and multinational engagements are handled by the Corporate Donations and Philanthropy (CDP) group. Requests for support of programs of an international or global nature may beto CDP.

Please note: We will only consider requests that include a project description, supporting documentation and a signed cover letter. The standard review process can take up to six weeks, and may require additional information for decision-making. Roche has no legal obligation to any fund project.

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